What is Exfoliative Dermatitis?

What is Exfoliative Dermatitis?

Round about now, many people are asking the question: what is exfoliative dermatitis? Unfortunately, it seems this troublesome skin condition is one that defies a full analysis.

Dermatitis is a category of skin diseases, a chief feature of all of them being inflammation and itching. There are quite a few different kinds of dermatitis, but the question that is baffling lots of people, including some medicos, is what is exfoliative dermatitis and where does it fit into the bigger picture of dermatitis as a whole?

The fact is that exfoliative dermatitis is not yet properly understood. It has been observed that it develops in some cases where patients are already known to be suffering from other skin diseases. These can be other forms of dermatitis, for example atopic dermatitis (sometimes called allergic dermatitis), contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis, as well as psoriasis. But this condition is not limited to such cases. Sometimes, patients suffering from lymphoma and leukaemia develop generalised exfoliative dermatitis. Finally, some drug allergies can manifest themselves as exfoliative dermatitis as well.

The fact is that the question of what is exfoliative dermatitis is one that is going to exercise the minds of those in the medical world for some time to come.

But, although the precise causation of exfoliative dermatitis remains something of a mystery, its specific effects on patients are certainly well known. Sufferers from the condition are stricken with skin inflammation that pretty much engulfs their entire bodies. This is accompanied by intense itching and, as the skin becomes swollen and inflamed, flaking and peeling of the outer layers of skin becomes a huge problem, leaving patients with painful, sore skin all over their bodies. In some cases, this damage to the skin causes patients to lose vital fluids and proteins from their bodies and, in the worst cases, patients may need to be admitted to hospital for urgent treatment via intravenous drip in order to replenish levels of bodily fluids that have been depleted due to the effects of exfoliative dermatitis.

Anyone who asks the question what is exfoliative dermatitis will surely be interested to know what the treatment options are for patients. As mentioned above, in the worst cases patients may have to go into hospital for an effective treatment to be implemented. The fluid loss, as well as fever and chills, can make sufferers from exfoliative dermatitis very poorly indeed. However, in some cases, hospitalization is not necessary and patients can be treated effectively merely by the prescription of topical creams and lotions, which must be applied all over the affected areas of skin. The active ingredients in these creams are corticosteroids, which are valuable for their ability to reduce inflammation and stress.

It is perfectly natural that a person who is a victim of this distressing skin condition will ask the question what is exfoliative dermatitis, but the fact is there are no easy answers. You must simply go to see the doctor as soon as you can and follow his or her instructions to the letter. There is no point questioning the medics on this one; you will just have to accept that the doctor knows best.

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