What is Allergic Dermatitis?


Allergic Dermatitis

Round about now, the question many people are asking is what is allergic dermatitis? Sadly, there are a great many misconceptions and misplaced beliefs about this skin disease, which leads to a lack of understanding as to how to deal with the problem when it strikes its victims.

It has been estimated that as many as one third of all the children in the USA may require medical treatment for allergic dermatitis at some point. This single statistic alone gives an idea of the scale of the problem. As a point of clarification, it should also be mentioned that there is another name for the disease, which is atopic dermatitis, but for most purposes these two names may be regarded as interchangeable.

So, what is allergic dermatitis exactly? Well, this is a chronic skin ailment that generally begins to make its presence felt when those who suffer from it are around the age of six weeks or thereabouts. Persistent itching is the most obvious symptom to begin with, followed by the appearance of large numbers of terrible red “hives” or rashes. Medical experts believe these symptoms are triggered by an allergic response to something coming into contact with the skin.

The red hives that appear on the skin of sufferers from allergic dermatitis tend to be quite widely distributed over the body surface as a whole. The rashes can usually be seen on the wrists, hands, arms, necks, legs, ankles, and elbows of those who have the misfortune to fall victim to atopic dermatitis.

Once allergic dermatitis gets a hold, the condition has the capacity to make the lives of its young sufferers a veritable misery. This is where parents need to take the appropriate action to relieve the suffering of their kids, rather than standing aside in the mistaken belief that it is better to let nature take its course. While it is true that this form of infant dermatitis generally fades with time, it is no joke for the kids who have to deal with it so early in their young lives. Parents should get this through their heads and be ready and willing to bite the bullet. That means seeking out the necessary treatment from a doctor as soon as possible.

Parents faced with an uphill struggle are likely to ask, what is allergic dermatitis treatment and can it provide an effective remedy to the skin complaint affecting our kids?

In the first place, although this is a valid question to ask, there is absolutely no point in speculating endlessly on the matter. Every minute wasted on internet message boards and quack websites is a kick in the face of suffering children, especially when an effective treatment is so readily available and near at hand, if only the parents would do the decent thing and call up the doc on the telephone straight away. Once you call in the assistance of a trained medico, you can get the answer to the question “what is allergic dermatitis treatment?” The medic is likely, more than not, to prescribe ointments and creams that are packed with steroids. These substances have the capacity to reduce inflammation and promote the body’s own healing process. Once such treatments are begun, parents should almost certainly see the condition of their children improve, and quite swiftly as well.

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