Stasis Dermatitis Symptoms

Stasis Dermatitis Symptoms

Dealing with stasis dermatitis symptoms is a priority for many older people who suffer from this most distressing and debilitating skin condition.

For those who have not come across the condition before, or perhaps who have recently been stricken by it, stasis dermatitis is a comparatively little-known skin disease, which afflicts many people quite badly in later life. There are a number of significant risk factors for the disease, although the chief culprits are obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Poor blood circulation lies at the heart of stasis dermatitis symptoms. This is particularly a problem for those who are chronically overweight, and also those who take little or no exercise and thus spend an inordinate amount of time either sitting or standing in a stationary position.

The symptoms of stasis dermatitis typically present themselves as a reddening of the skin of the extremities, especially the legs. Itching and tingling are also experienced by sufferers. The temptation to scratch the legs becomes difficult to resist in many cases, and this leads to painful sores developing, which can become seriously infected if left untreated.

Stasis dermatitis symptoms are very distressing to the people who suffer from them, but victims should not make the mistake of leaving the condition to worsen. They are well advised to look into the options for treatment, but this does not extend to parting with cold hard cash for unproven potions and lotions sourced from the wilder and woollier side of the web. Rather, victims should bite the bullet and make an appointment to see their doctor as soon as possible. The symptoms of this condition can definitely be relieved by proper medical treatment by an accredited clinician.

Stasis dermatitis can be relieved in various ways. In particularly problematic cases, physicians can take urgent action to draw off excess fluid from affected areas just under the surface of the skin. This pooling of fluid, which is caused by inefficient blood circulation in the legs, is what leads to stasis dermatitis symptoms. Removing the fluid will definitely help improve the situation.

Another vital step that sufferers from stasis dermatitis should take if at all possible is to introduce some physical exercise into their day to day routine. Although this may be a problem for patients who are severely obese, and whose mobility is restricted as a result, some effort must be made to reverse the pattern of inactivity, as a sedentary lifestyle will only make the condition much worse going forward.

As well as increasing their day to day activity levels, patients who are plagued by stasis dermatitis have a few other options open to them. These include adopting a better sleeping position at night. Using pillows, patients can raise their feet up, which will promote blood drainage from the feet and legs back towards the heart. Finally, there are compression stockings that patients can wear. These can also have a positive effect on blood circulation in the legs and thus relieve stasis dermatitis symptoms to quite a significant extent.

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